welcome to foolhouse  Foolhouse’s emporium (used for humourously formal effect) is a passionate cottage industry dedicated to producing unique products whose tongue-in-cheek aesthetic aims to make the ordinary things in life, a little less ordinary. The brainchild of graphic designer Sarah Lamond, Foolhouse’s products are constantly evolving. Our current range called ‘Cheer & Bustle’ is adorned with the quirkiness of early 19th century etchings – re-purposed, tidied-up & engraved onto products such as our Big Stirrers ~ wooden spoons, whimsical Little Stirrers ~ silver teaspoons, Doorjam ~ Mary Poppins’ inspired Height Charts and Treasure Boxes & Treasure Books ~ wooden boxes and re-invented vintage books for the young and the vintage-loving more mature adults who have secrets they wish to hide! Customisation is also a signature. There is also the obligatory but smirk-inducing liniment of stationery that complements the range for thoroughly themed gift-giving! We’re always renovating, innovating and changing rooms around so drop by regularly to view new product ranges and designs and to see what the Jones’s have been up to on Foolhouse. Check out our Facebook site too, it’s where we air our dirty laundry and show you the creative processes that happen over the fence in our own backyard. It’s worth a snoop if you’re that way inclined. I know we are!