welcome to foolhouse

Follow Foolhouse on Instagram @foolhouse_australia, it’s where we air our dirty laundry and show you the creative processes that happens over the fence in our own backyard. It’s worth a snoop if you’re that way inclined. I know we are!

Foolhouse’s emporium (used for humourously formal effect) is a whimsical label dedicated to producing unique products that make the ordinary things in life, a little less ordinary. The brainchild of graphic designer and interior designer Sarah Lamond, Foolhouse produces curios for any room or reason.

Our signature product, Doorjam was where it all began. Follow the adventures of Doorjam on Instagram @foolhouse_heightcharts. A collection of children’s Height Charts in 5 jam colours, inspired by the tall tales of Mary Poppins’ tape measure, they fit in your doorjamb and come in a jam jar! Now delighting children and adults worldwide ,they are available in centimetres and inches.

Sarah loves to instil new life into old ideas, giving them a new story to make them relatable and useful today, which means her products are constantly evolving as she sources new ideas and turns them on their head.  She especially adores aiding and abetting the hiding and hoarding of secrets thus her coveted Secret Vintage Booksafes and Treasure Boxes were born.

Trawling bookshops to find the most endearing old books with the wittiest titles, Sarah meticulously carves out passport-sized pockets, classic sillouhettes or animals such as secret squirrels as hidden compartments to house jewellery, escape money or the like in. The pockets are then lined with the perfectly curated illustration and a secret quote, installed with a bookplate and vintage ribbon bookmark and completed with a miniature guardian, sometimes human, sometimes animal, on a bed of grass to ensure safe-guarding of all secrets within. These bespoke booksafes are a labour of love and no two are the same. They are part Book Art and part instant family heirloom. A very personal and creative gift.

Complimenting the booksafes are the paper creatures and sillouhettes that are removed from the deeper books to become paper sculptures in their own right. Delightful shapes are carved further into these artworks to create windows for small scenes with miniatures or sillouhettes and are adorned with bouquets of origami flowers, sometimes from book pages that are over 100 years old. This is a wonderful extension to the unique library of secret books that foolhouse is known for. If these are sold out on line it is always worth emailing Sarah directly to see what is available as often there are creations sitting on a shelf that have not made it to the website yet.

Foolhouse also caters to those hoarders of bigger secrets and larger treasures! Hand crafting Timber Treasure Boxes made the old-fashioned way with a pad-lockable sliding lid and removeable compartments to fill with goodies. Whimsical engravings on the lids change year round and can be customised. Commonly used for jewelery or cufflinks and as Memory Boxes for children’s precious collectibles that they just can’t throw out! There are also handy Bits and Bobbins Boxes for all your sewing paraphenalia and Shoe Polish Boxes too, just to name a few!

Foolhouse strives to be unique and do things in a way that no other maker is doing. All creations are divined in Sarah’s backyard studio in the inner west of Sydney.