July 1 I just love writing the wee snippets that these books inspire. Everyone should have one, I’m not biased at all! – but these really are a great place to hide a passport on your book shelf, the most unique, bespoke gift and the teens can slip their phone in it at grandmas and pretend to be reading vintage inspired prose whilst apping their social lives into oblivion! Teen girls love them too and so do adults. Every single one has a hand-chosen illustration from an old book and i write a matching story about the excitement of hiding secrets to go with it. Then i add a miniature guardian down in the corner on some faux grass that only the owner will know about. It’s a miniature vintage assemblage complete with a personal bookplate in the front and a vintage ribbon book mark. Books are rescued and chosen for their funny titles or beautiful covers. Look up close – you might be surprised at what you read and see! Not available on line as they are one-offs – that means no-one will have the same – pop into Finders Keepers Market this weekend in Brisbane and pick the one that talks to you – you might be surprised at what it says! A lot of love and work goes into it for only $45 – what will you put into it?! (6 photos) Foolhouse’s photo. Foolhouse’s photo. Foolhouse’s photo. Foolhouse’s photo.

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