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58 Secret Vintage Booksafe
by HJ Cooke
and Foolhouse!

The chapter heading in this book is ‘THE HIGHER ANIMALS’! Great line drawings of birds preceed it.

So I couldn’t resist carving out a little bird – perfect for display or hiding jewellery in.

A perfect decoy to fool burglars! Hide a gift, jewellery, escape money or pocket money in it!

Hide a secret message in it or a gift for your fine feathered friend or biology student.

I managed to save this bird from the book and it is now a framed artwork. Sometimes I can save the creatures I pull out and sometimes they get away from me – so it’s very special when they are retrieved and saved intact. Find it in our Book Sculptures section.

Foolhouse’s character-filled vintage books are rescued and sourced for their alluring titles and covers – transformed into unique secret treasure book safes. Each one is a limited edition – a one-off! All are given a Foolhouse bookplate so that you can write a message to yourself or dedicate the instant heirloom to a lucky gift recipient!

All books come complete with their original inscriptions or bookplate awards and are personality filled with individual weathering and foxing giving them a unique – all the better to fool those burglars with and easily passed over on the book shelf!

Every Foolhouse booksafe is lovingly carved and glued and enhanced by vintage ribbon bookmarks. Plus, inside every book, a vintage illustration is specifically chosen to line the secret pocket. Some even include a little story written about secrets or secret hiding places, which we have devised ourselves inspired by the illustration on show.


These have even been used for hiding engagement rings in as a proposal! Hide your wedding rings inside, Great Uncle Crispin’s war medals, a birthday voucher or gift, or leave it up to the one with the clandestine countenance to decide!

The quirkier shaped carvings lend themselves to hiding appropriate sized secrets to fit

Book pockets vary in depth. This particular book pocket is 18mm deep.

BTW. If you’ve managed to read this far, you will find out that I often have many more secret vintage booksafes on my shelf in the studio or in the process of being made-up, so please if you’re looking for something special for someone special, email me at and enquire as to what I have that has not made it up onto my website yet. I can send you photos of what i have or I can let you know what custom options can be done to fulfil a special wish.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 10 cm


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