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Book Sculpture

By James Joyce 1954 Edition

and Foolhouse!

This delightful paper sculpture of a Ulysses Butterfly has been carved out of 385 pages of the tome Ulysses by James Joyce!

A Butterfly is much easier to carve than the legendary Greek hero!

The perfect gift for someone you know who loves butterflies or is simply up for a bit of whimsy and having a good read!

Display it on your bookshelf or gift it to your vintage loving friend as a whimsical surprise. Sweet in a young girl’s room.

All book sculptures come complete with all the information from the book they came from on a label on the base so that you have it’s history for all time!

These Foolhouse Book sculptures are one-offs and a unique bespoke gift for anyone of any age.

The Cloche is 10cm in diameter and 20cm high.

BTW. If you’ve managed to read this far, you will find out that I often have many more secret vintage booksafes and book sculptures on my shelf in the studio or in the process of being made-up, so please if you’re looking for something special for someone special, email me at hello@foolhouse.com.au and enquire as to what I have that has not made it up onto my website yet. I can send you photos of what i have or I can let you know what custom options can be done to fulfil a special wish.

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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 20 cm


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