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By June 29, 2014BLOG
June 10, 2014

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Statistically speaking, just very quietly

I remember receiving our first-ever ‘blue book’ at the hospital, day one of motherhood. The nurse showed me through all the helpful information, the areas for recording milestones, height, weight, head circumference.

“Why is head circumference so important?” I asked.

“Big head, big brains; little heads, we just take them away right now,” she joked.

“Really?!” I panicked. New-mum fog, very sensitive.

Needless to say, I made grand plans to very carefully record head circumference as often as possible, and indeed went on to obsess over it when the Badoo was born (although it’s safe to say she has an unusually large head).

That was then, this is now. After an initial burst of record-keeping, I went on to fail miserably to record a damn thing in those blue books. I forget them at every immunisation, failed to refer to them for helpful advice and certainly never put pencil to paper to plot a single dot on those growth charts.

Instead, I did what every sensible parent across Australia does. I used the door jamb in the kitchen, a chopping board and carefully marked the date and child’s name in a pencil so heavy that it quickly smudged into a nice ancient-relic patina in no time at all. Sometimes if it has been a while between measurings I even let the kids measure themselves up and write their own details on the wall.

There are random kids on there too. Any child who is in the house on Measuring Day gets measured. While it sounds official, Measuring Day is actually any given Sunday, or other completely random day just so we have no way of ever gleaning anything even remotely important from the door-jamb data we collect.

“What happens if you ever move?” A friend asked.

“I’ll take the door jamb with me,” was all I could say.

I don’t recommend my system.

Use this system instead: a Foolhouse Door Jam. A neat, alternative and their creator Sarah has added the most deliciously humorous and whimsical touches that even if you never recorded a single measurement, you would still want to have one of these up on your wall.


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