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Happy April Foolhouse Day!

By May 13, 2014BLOG

April 1, 2014

It’s our favourite day of the year and the anniversary of launching on Facebook! Today I thought I’d bring you a tidbit of the fool-hardiness I have been working on … a t-shirt for the Foolhouse range perhaps me thinks?
It’s a work in progress but this saying has always been a favourite of mine, and with alzheimers fast approaching and my ineptness at remembering people’s names (being such a visual person, well that’s my excuse anyway) – I think I will be wearing it to every social event from here on in…minus a fez.
Tell me what you think!
They could be available soon for men and women and anyone called Dory…
aren’t I lucky to have this young man sitting beside me in the studio waiting to be clothed…

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