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Our Mascot!

By April 22, 2014BLOG
December 4, 2012

Meet Sugar! Foolhouse’s mascot.
Now no-one quite believes me but I truely was woken one night with the thought I must have a horse head as a prop at my market – he can be my trusty gift horse! and lo and behold what should happen a week later, there I am at Wentworth Park Markets and ferreted away at the back of a store was this equine vision! I was so surprised, as its not something you stumble upon everyday, that i was speechless! The store owner must have thought I was contemplating the price so before i even enquired, he dropped the price by half! Even funnier was the story he gave me…the horse used to hang on the wall of his and his boyfriend’s bedroom, it came with a bridle that attaches to the horses mouth which unscrews, but the bridle was not for sale…! Don’t fret, Sugar’s in good hands now!


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