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Brer Rabbit Illustrations
Re-imagined by Foolhouse!

Delightfully scalloped illustrative garlands to decorate with.

This Garland is 2.5m long and each shape is cut from a single page.

String them up at Book Club, Streamer them around at a party, Drape them over the Christmas Tree, Scallop them on a wall or Hang them on your book shelves.

Foolhouse’s character-filled Secret Book Safes once carved out, release a lot of pages with illustrations I can’t bare to waste!

This is one of my solutions to reduce that waste and turn it into something delightful post-haste!

Each one is a limited edition – a one-off. I simply use a little bit of blue-tack to hang them where i want.

These Book Garlands are a unique bespoke treat for any age.

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Dimensions 20 × 30 × 4 cm


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