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Introducing my Limited Edition Book Bangle Collection!

Doctor at Large

Written by Richard Gordon Circa 1960

Carved from 179 pages by me, Sarah Lamond!

(Thickness -11mm, inside elipse is 66mm Wide x 80mm Length)

A novel bangle carved from a book that comes in a Library Bag.

Every book bangle comes with a Library card in an envelope inside the bag, that contains the name of the book it was carved from and how many pages it is made up of.

There is plenty of room on the card to write a little message to your bookish friend or Book Club buddy!

You can see the words ‘biochemistry, Medic, Labora..dehyde, slimy – literally the perfect gift for a fun-loving, book-loving medico!

A novelty gift for the book-lover these bangles are not waterproof but have been sprayed with a protective matte-varnish to protect them and retain the real feel of old book pages. They are rigid, light, loose and fun to wear but should be treated with care and displayed on your book shelf or worn for special occasions such as Book Launches, Book Club or when going to the Library, a Book shop or your Publishers for a Pimms.

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