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A collection of vintage illustrations from a vintage Nursery Rhyme book, collected and re-imagined by Foolhouse!

Delightfully scalloped illustrative garlands to decorate with.

This Garland is 3.6m long and each shape is cut from single book pages.

String them up at Book Club, Streamer them around at a party, Drape them over the Christmas Tree, Scallop them on a wall or Hang them on your book shelves.

Foolhouse’s character-filled Secret Book Safes once carved out, release a lot of pages with illustrations I can’t bare to waste!

This is one of my solutions to reduce that waste and turn it into something delightful post-haste!

Each one is a limited edition – a one-off. I simply use a little bit of blue-tack to hang them where i want.

These Book Garlands are a unique bespoke treat for any age.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 cm


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