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‘Queen’ Vintage Book Sculpture is a chess piece created from 262 pages of The Triple Alliance by Harold Avery 1920
This handmade book sculpture was inspired by my secret watching of The Queen’s Gambit and I couldn’t resist indulging in chess piece shapes. I have only made 3 chess pieces and they have all been carved from this one book – The ‘Triple’ Alliance! The perfect gift for game players, your Queen or your favourite bookish friend who has all the right moves!
When I make the Secret Vintage Book safes I try not to waste any of the paper i carve out and re-use it to make these endearing three dimensional book sculptures for the bookish amongst us. They are a delightfully dimensional addition to bookshelves and mantles and great gifts for book lovers. No sculpture is the same and all have an individuality defined by their paper adornments or the back page on their reverse, their year of origin or simply their personality.
All the information of the book that she is carved from is written on a label on the base of the glass cloche so that you will always have the historical details kept with it. The glass cloche apart from having a befitting apothecary feel, keeps the dust off these delicate whimsical sculptures. This listing is for The Queen Only. Photo showing all three chess piece sculptures is for reference only.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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