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By May 13, 2014BLOG

May 11, 2014

It appears Foolhouse’s Anatomy of a Mother Teatowel has proved too much for some Summer Hillians. The lovely Catherine Grealish of Summer Hill Sweets took on some of our products last week and did a delightful clothes line of our teatowels in her shopfront window to tickle mothers as they passed by – unfortunately it appears not even the Inner West was ready for a such a tickling. So the naked truth is that this vintage illustration created actually more than 100 years ago is apparently not widely acceptable in this day and age? Thus the teatowels were taken down and are only available in store behind the counter in a brown paper bag…no just kidding. Foolhouse has offered to take the offending teatowels back and keep them at the ready for their all-accepting Finders Keepers audience. We know motherhood is confronting but really?! It was afterall my Facebook fools who chose the naked version rather than the lingerie clad version…perhaps tomorrow i will sew some little bras on all my teatowels and then go burn them…! It’s all very titilating…

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