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THANKYOU to all of you who FOUND US and KEPT US!

By June 29, 2014BLOG
June 10, 2014

– to all of you who braved the weather on Friday night to come to Finders Keepers Sydney and also to all of you who picked Saturday to attend and luckily braved the sun in doing so! It was a brilliant market adventure, non-stop colour and the most enchanting audience willing to stop and share stories and indeed pick up a treat or two from Foolhouse’s foolish little stall. I am eternally grateful to all those who revel in the FK independant market scene and by doing so support artists and designers who build up the courage to creep out of their studios a few times a year to show and tell what they have been up to, often shy, certainly humble and with no protection of the anonymity of hiding behind an online shop! – your interest and passion in what we do keeps us doing it. Thankyou…now back to the studio to work on the next range of treasure boxes…I’m thinking of…”The Lakehouse Collection”…trees and woodland creatures…stay tuned.

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