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We have made the Good Weekend!

By April 22, 2014BLOG
June 2, 2013

EXTREME overwhelmedness from Press Article yesterday!
Lovely Snippet in the Sydney Morning Herald spruiking delight over Foolhouse’s Little Stirrers. And an added bonus – a surprise visit to our Finder’s Keepers stall from the Art Director at GW purely out of the blue! Lucky I had risen early, picked up the paper and an energizing double macchiato to get through the big market day and pegged the article to our stand! Heart warming to be able to thank her in person and so too the photo editor who dropped by later. They said the power of the internet would surprise me and I was almost too scared to open my computer this morning incase they were just being kind!!! but I have to say the next few days that I was going to give myself off will now be taken up by filling a brimming inbox load full of orders!!! Amazing influx! I am so grateful.


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