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Where’s your passport?

By April 22, 2014BLOG

July 24, 2013

LIMITED EDITION Treasure Book Safes $45
Foolhouse has been trawling the second hand book stores and picking books for their quirky titles or hard cover appeal. They are aged and imperfect, just like us and we are rescuing them and turning them into old-fashioned book safes. Inserting vintage book mark ribbons and handcutting a secret pocket. We then choose the best illustration to insert and dress it up with a wee narrator nestled in a field of faux grass who is expounding on the injustices of secrecy and hiding spots and all those other tricks in the book! They are all one offs so anyone wanting to see what is available can email me at foolhouse@iinet.com.au and I will send you photos of the titles available. I can only do this to one VIP customer at a time so that we don’t get any double-ups. Am also happy to take a special book of your own and make-it-over too. FIts ipods, passports, iphones, precious jewelery, pills and contraception and escape money too! No-one will ever know what it hides on your bedside table!


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