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welcome to foolhouse

Follow Foolhouse on Instagram @foolhouse_australia, it’s where we air our dirty laundry and show you the creative process that happens over the fence, in our own backyard. It’s worth a snoop if you’re that way inclined.

Foolhouse’s emporium of curious goods is a whimsical label dedicated to producing products that make the ordinary things in life, a little less ordinary. The brainchild of Graphic Designer and Interior Designer Sarah Lamond (Instagram @anomaly_design), Foolhouse produces curios for any room or reason. Instilling new life into old ideas, giving them a unique story to make them relatable and useful for today.

Foolhouse products are constantly evolving. Our signature product, Doorjam was where it all began. Follow the adventures of Doorjam on Instagram @foolhouse_heightcharts. A collection of children’s Height Charts in 5 jam colours, inspired by the tall tales of Mary Poppins’ tape measure. They fit in your doorjamb and come in a jam jar! Delighting children and adults worldwide, these slimline growth charts are available in centimetres and inches, both online and through niche retailers.

Currently Sarah is exploring the re-imagining of forgotten vintage books. Adoring the hiding and hoarding of secrets, she carves out rescued books as Secret Vintage Booksafes to house jewellery, escape money or gifts in. Not wanting to waste the pages removed, she then creatively turns the aged pages into book sculptures. Every book and sculpture is a one-off and much coveted as part Book Art and part Instant Family Heirloom by customers and secret squirrels, worldwide. In 2018, Sarah exhibited her ‘Leaves from a Book’ Collection at Sculptures in the Gardens, Sydney Botanic Gardens, which saw her paper art installed in glass cloches and framed Artworks. Her book work and book art fulfils a desire to create a sustainable product and an avenue for being able to donate to her favourite charities. Currently 10% of all Foolhouse book sales goes to Lifeline.

Foolhouse strives to be unique and do things in a way that no other maker is doing.

All creations are divined in Sarah’s studio, tucked away in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia.