Retro Brooch

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“Sunnyside”- because isn’t that where we’d all like to reside?!

One of  four fun pieces in Foolhouse’s:


Brooch Collection.

Wear it to remind yourself to always see the sunnyside! I promise it will be contagious!

Paying homage to the bespoke white wrought iron building signage of the 50’s-60’s,

found on many red-brick blocks of flats and homes in Australia and the United States. Some would say mid-century modern in style,

definately retro and identifiable for its’ friendly cursive style and jaunty angle.

These treasures are made from matte white acrylic and layered to represent the wonderful dimensionality of this vernacular.

Complete with a pop of hidden bronze glitter as ode to the red brick facades they adorned, they are now to adorn the chests of the fashionably daring, making life lovelier.

Choose your mood and wear it on your heart.

Designed and made in Sydney, Australia by me.

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 3 cm